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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad Bunny's rite of reply: "We are so alike in our fame, Oprah" - Part 3 in a series

It would seem that at this stage the Au Pairs were naive to belive that their letter writting would stop Bad Bunny in his tracks. It would appear that it had quite the opposite effect. Seeing how thoroughly lovely Au Pair Shannon's hand writing was, Bad Bunny deicided to put paw to paper himself and send Oprah a wee bribe token of his appreciation of his own. And so begins a series of literary parrying and retreats that will obviously only end in tears and an increase in Australia Post's profits.
Dear Miss Winfrey,
It is with great joy that I can inform you that, although I am only a 2 year old Bunny, I am completely literate in both the written word and computer type speaking.
I have just at this moment, accidentally, steamed open a letter from Au Pairs Shannon and Jennine, to your fair self.
All I can say is that they are ill-informed and their apologies unfounded and unnecessary.
Spending many long hours with the Au Pairs in The Nursery at lunch times I have had the great pleasure of watching your show. Apart from being occasionally confused about some things….I keep trying to smile into my verjayjay to make it happy. I only tend to wear berets…a verjayjay is some type of  Spanish headwear is it not?
Anyway, I digress; watching many hours of your delightful program has led me to believe that if you wish it you can make it happen.
I know that you have been dying to meet me. So if you wish hard enough we can make it happen….together. Like the friends we are.
I am, at this moment, putting the finishing touches to the high tea I am planning for your trip to Australia. I have some great prizes for pass the parcel. What about Twister? Would that be appropriate?
Let me know what your favourite things are and I will attempt to have some of them ready for your arrival. Or, if you trust me perhaps you would like to take home some of my favourite things…I’ll make you a list to see what you fancy.
Yours in great anticipation,
Bad Bunny
PS: Are you bringing Doctor Oz? Is he Australian or related to that famous Wizard? I’m just curious.
PPS: I enclose a token gift for your pleasure. As you can see, it bears my likeness proudly. For, just as are you, I am a very famous Bunny. (Not that you are a Bunny of course, but famous).
(Small token gift equated to many pieces of Nanny Pickle clothing featuring, naturally, Bad Bunny himself . He had of course signed everything in permanent add value. After all, Bad Bunny is so very famous and Oprah may hit the skids one day and need to sell a few things on ebay to keep food on the table for herself and Stedman.)

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