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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Apologies to Oprah Winfrey from the Au Pairs of Nanny Pickle - Part 2 in a series

...and so the story unfolds. After weeks of Bad Bunny harassing conversing with Camp Winfrey, the Au Pairs now felt it was time that they stepped in to mend whatever damage had been done. The constant calls to the office by media wanting to know how indeed they had organised a visit from the Queen of TV was, in itself, enough to drive them spare. Not to mention the constant banter from previously mentioned Bunny as his ego grew like a weight lifter on steroids on a daily basis.
Dear Miss Winfrey,
It is with caps in hand and heads lowered in shame that we correspond with you on a rather grave and embarrassing matter.
It has been brought to our attention that a wee bairn of the bunny kind in our charge has been misinforming all and sundry via the rather modern means of Facebook of having an audience with you personally upon your arrival to our fair shores of Australia.
You see, said bunny, aptly named for immeasurable reasons “Bad Bunny” became somewhat over-excited at the thought of your imminent arrival, and as is the nature of wee ones, once his imagination became ignited, well, there was no end to the folly and adventure that his fancy concocted.
And so we come to the reason for our correspondence. Although we, as the Au Pairs to Bad Bunny, feel adequately endowed with all that be required to discipline the aforementioned, our matriarch, the much revered (and somewhat feared) Nanny Pickle felt that perhaps the very person who should offer forward teachings in humility, restraint and the value of respect should also be the very object of his enthusiasms. That of course, being you, Miss Winfrey.
By way of sincerest apologies for the behaviour of our mischievous and endearing Bad Bunny, and as a gesture of our admiration and respect to you, Miss Winfrey, we enclose with this letter of humility some recent photographs of Bad Bunny with his favourite toys, (although he believes them to be real), the Meadow Friends along with a sample of the beautiful clothing collections Nanny and ourselves create when we are not tied up (literally) with Bad Bunny.
We do so hope you will accommodate our request to educate our Bunny on the finer points of etiquette required to develop into a well-rounded and valuable member of modern society.
Our apologies for his improper and deceptive announcement to the world at large with respect to his relationship with you, Miss Winfrey.
Warmest regards
Au Pair Jennine and Au Pair Shannon
(Enclosed was a small token of appreciation for Camp Winfrey to show their most humble apologies)

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