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Monday, October 18, 2010

An Ode to Au Pair Shannon by Au Pair Jennine

Au Pair Shannon is the design genius behind Nanny Pickle. Au Pair Shannon actually gave "birth" to Nanny Pickle...the brand, not the person. Being relatively reclusive when it comes to social media and marketing, we, The Nursery Staff, thought it a good idea to shed some light on this very talented lady...
  1. Au Pair Shannon is a very well read lady. She knows her ampersand from her Oxford comma and heaven help you if you make a spelling mistake. Although she tries not to show it, she finds poor grammar to be as excruciatingly painful as putting on a bike helmet full of bees.
  2. Au Pair Shannon has won many an award for her graphic design work but still doubts her abilities. We are hoping that she overcomes this self doubt now that her beautiful designs are to be distributed over Europe.
  3. Au Pair Shannon loves to tell people that she is more like Nanny Pickle than anyone else in The Nursery. Little do people know that she once wore blue eye shadow as blush in the late 80's...something I am sure Nanny would never have done.
  4. Au Pair Shannon is so very very, very tidy. Although she never says anything I am sure she shudders at the sight of my desk with all of it's paper piled up as if I am attempting to build a to scale model of The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Not to mention the plethora of cords and plain old general mess that my office seems to magically breed. Of course, Au Pair Shannon's desk is spotless and does not even have a pen holder over flowing with 100 pens that do not work. Instead she keeps one pen, in working order,  and a small pencil case concealed in her top drawer.
  5. Au Pair Shannon can not walk around The Nursery without shoes on. She can not tolerate, even for a moment, the feeling of dirt under her feet....yet she loves the beach. We fear this may have come from the time Bad Bunny carpeted her office in fairy floss that he had saved up from the local Spring Fair.
  6. Au Pair Shannon is a very good cook. The yummiest thing she has ever made for me (and there has been many a delectable morsel prepared and consumed) was a divine meal of Bangalow Pork done with stuffed peaches. If someone asked me what my top ten meals of all time were this one would rate right up there.
  7. Au Pair Shannon is very kind and generous and although she says she is not good with people in general, I feel that this is just code for not wanting to draw attention to herself.
  8.  Au Pair Shannon's dream job would be to be a yoga instructor. She is a very bendy and fit type of person. I once saw a surfing and yoga safari holiday for ladies advertised. Excitedly I told her all about it. Her reply "Do you not think we spend enough time together?" To which we both laughed raucously out loud to. We do spend a great deal of time together and then when we are not in the same room,  we are generally on the phone to each other.
  9. Au Pair Shannon loves talk back radio...just like my Mum did. I am very glad she has her own design studio.
  10. Au Pair Shannon is a very good singer. Click here to experience for yourself.
  Fig 1: Au Pair Shannon in her natural state.

PS: We were going to write the above as rhyming prose but we could not find a word that rhymed with yoga...there is of course toga but we were banned from revealing Au Pair Shannon's antics at her Art School's orientation week when she was a graphic design student.