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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad Bunny convinces Nanny on the benefits of celebrity

Bad Bunny has what one might call a rather wide streak of narcissism....
Although he considers himself oft misunderstood and therefore the target of many lectures about the values of modesty, humility and reserve from Nanny. 

Whyever not should one have his likeness cast in bronze and displayed in the village square for all to admire and adore? 

And who is to say that an autobiography of the heroic adventures of one handsome buck would not make stimulating and breathtaking reading.

So,  in an attempt to convince Nanny of the positive spin that can be put on a life lived in the fast lane with much glitz and glamour, Bad Bunny put together a series of points to upsell his desire for fame and celebrity.

  1. Everything in a world of glamour seems to acquire soft blurry edges and lots of little sparkly stars (and Bad Bunny refutes that could possibly be from an excess of stimulation...or chocolate)
  2. When one is a celebrity, one is always, always smiling. Oh, and one has lovely shiny white teeth, albeit sometimes a little too large for one’s mouth. This makes it particularly easy for a Bunny to get ahead in celebrity circles.
  3. Being a celebrity means people give you lots of free stuff. That has to be great in anyone’s books, Nanny.
  4. Bedtime is an obsolete concept. One never, ever is told to go to bed, and one can sleep all day if one wishes.
  5. One gets to “hang out” and “slap backs” with other celebrities, and become BFF (whatever that means). Bad Bunny thinks they really mean BBF (Bad Bunny's Friend).
  6. One can say really dumb things like “I didn’t know buffalo had wings” and people find it amusing, if not totally endearing.
  7. One can record a pop song, even if one is tone deaf, and some technician can make it sound like one is really terribly talented. Bad Bunny's first single "Paper and scissors rock" is yet to be released. He originally wanted to do a cover of "Come on baby light my fire" but his penchant for matches made this an unsafe choice.
  8. One can make a really cool pop video for said pop song and it can be played on MTV and millions and millions and billions of people will watch it and adore one from afar. 
  9. One can win an MTV award for said pop song and video, and become even more famous. And then one can wear lots of really cool gold jewellery and big diamond stud earrings.
  10. Oh,and people give you lots of free stuff. 

This blog is dedicated to Dannii Minogue and her new wee bairn Ethan. Her decorum and modesty as one deemed a "celebrity" is to be admired. Nanny Pickle and the Au Pairs are delighted she has taken to our beautiful collections with such gusto, and look forward to seeing the lovely Ethan sporting many more of our designs.