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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Year of The Bunny and why Princess Mary loves me...Bad Bunny!

....STOP PRESS....
From the office of Bad Bunny's "people"

To all of my loyal and admiring followers I apologise for my lack of public appearances so far this year. I know I have left a great deal of you sad and lonely and for that I am truly sorry.

Ever since my friends in China decided to dedicate a year to me I have not stopped. The Year of The Bunny, aka me, has left my writing paw sore and tired as I have had many official appointments as the face of China for 2011.

The good news is that I now have "people". Said "people" do things for me like dealing with my fan mail and explaining to shop owners why I had to commandeer the store PA to announce my arrival....the people needed to know that I had arrived and sometimes you just have to do things yourself if you want them done properly.

Nanny Pickle said that all of the attention has gone to my head but the only thing that has gone to my head is this lovely crown that I am wearing. I made it myself using Au Pair Shannon's hot glue gun....which is now permanently stuck to the floor of The Nursery. Did you know that if you hold the trigger long enough all of the glue comes out? I figured I was helping as at least now Au Pair Shannon knows where it is.

Anyway, the reason for the crown is that I am now friends with HRH Princess Mary and Prince Frederick of Denmark. They obviously have The Year of the Bunny in Denmark and have been able to relate to the pressures of being in the public eye.

I know that Oprah and I are friends but I feel that Their Royal Highnessess understand the demands placed upon me more. After all, they are royalty.

You see, the Au Pairs had sent a wee parcel to their new born twins which contained various items featuring me...Bad Bunny! Obviously, they had their people research who I was and upon the realisation that I am indeed one of "them" their people in turn sent me this lovely card.

Of course, this will be followed up by something a little more personal but when you are royalty you have to be careful not  to be too familiar.

I am off now to brief my "people" as to what I would like for lunch...all of these public engagements make a Bunny hungry.

Lots of luff,
HRH Bad Bunny


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