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BEHIND THE NURSERY DOOR : The adventures of two rather tired Au Pairs and one rather errant but lovable Bad Bunny

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Bad Bunny came to be involved in building a shop.

One may find it hard to believe but Bad Bunny is glad that Easter is done and dusted for another year. It is much to Bad Bunny’s annoyance that at this time of year a certain “other bunny” of rather advanced years takes centre stage and, at least in his mind, rains on his parade.

For although Bad Bunny does indeed have a weakness for anything made with cocoa beans, he would be a much happier Bunny if the aforesaid “other bunny” would just hippity hop off the side of the planet. (Bad Bunny refutes the theorem that the world is round, by the way. How on earth does one not roll away if it is, indeed, round?)

So, in an attempt to draw attention away from the bearer of chocolate treaties, and back to where they rightfully sit - with he - our maker of much mischief excelled himself by causing all sorts of bedlam and mayhem.

"Wholly" Thursday saw Nanny finding Mr Kennington, Nanny's long suffering gardener, entangled in a series of carefully camouflaged booby traps and dig-outs that had indeed been set in an attempt to capture the “other bunny”.

Mrs Harris, Nanny's long suffering neighbour on the eastern boundary, was very surprised to find Bad Bunny at her front door with a petition calling for the ban of said "other bunny". Of course, the petition only held the signature of one small relatively illiterate Bunny.

We will go without mentioning Bad Bunny's attempt to sabotage the "other bunny's"  performance at the local shopping mall. Let's just say that small Bunnies do indeed know how to pull plugs from power points.

Au Pair Jennine, bless her, without much forethought decided the best way to guide Bad Bunny away from his mischiefs and towards pursuits deemed useful and constructive was to allow him to assist in the design and construction of various shopfittings for Nanny Pickle’s first pop up retail space.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Nanny Pickle is about to launch her inaugural retail space in Brisbane at a time not so very far away. All her lovely collections will be available for purchase, and the delightful Au Pair Jennine and rather shy Au Pair Shannon will be on hand to assist.

Bad Bunny, after “creating” a complete schmozzle of the shopfittings will unfortunately not be available to sign autographs. He is currently sitting on top of the Box of Contemplation, contemplating his carpentry skills (or lack thereof).

Nanny Pickle's pop up store will open at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown in Brisbane on May the 3rd. After four weeks we will be taking our wee store all over the country. Oh my giddy Aunt - Two Au Pairs, one pop up shop and an errant but lovable Bunny on a national road trip....what could possibly go wrong?

Now if only we could discover what Bad Bunny has done with the staple gun....


  1. Wow! Congrats on the travelling store Nanny!

  2. Yes, it is going to be a time indeed.

  3. Oh adventure is one way you could describe it.

  4. I think Bad Bunny would do wonderful things with a staple gun. You know I'm always there to encourage the creative side of the poor misunderstood soul. Although, perhaps I could 'hold' it for him if he comes to Perth.

  5. Awesome work Nanny Pickle- hope it goes fantastically well and will look forward to hearing all about it! Yay